Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Home in Waltham Forest

Home for sale – a sign in front of a brick house

Are you thinking of selling your home in Waltham Forest?

Preparing homes for sale involves a lot more than uploading random photos of your home online or setting up “For Sale” signs on your lawn.

The process of selling a house doesn’t need to be nerve-wracking. With good planning and professional advice, you can get your home ready for sale without costing you an arm and a leg. It also won’t take a lot of your time.

Consider these eight tips to help you sell your home in Waltham Forest:

1. Find a Professional Realtor

You may be tempted to put up your house for sale without the services of a real estate agent to save on costs. However, to achieve this, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of time and money. You could use this time to prepare your property for sale.
Working with a realtor will most probably have your home out in the market in two weeks.

Do thorough research in order to find an agent who’s conversant with your specific market. Arrange for an interview to verify if they’re a perfect fit for your home sale.

2. Focus on Exterior Appeal

Ensure you create a good first impression to your prospective buyers by working on your home’s curb appeal. Service your lawn to entice them into seeing every other part of the house. Prep your house for sale by investing in easy fixes like shoveling the driveway, raking leaves, and planting beautiful flowers.

Make sure lawn tools and equipment are neatly stored in your garage or shed.

3. Maximise Space by De-Cluttering

Clutter is one of the aspects a potential buyer is likely to notice first. An organised and tidy house with a few pieces of furniture in each room is more appealing and makes the house look spacious.

Focus on areas that collect the most clutter such as staircases, closets, and entryways. Remove the excess furniture – bookcases, chest of drawers, and extra seats.

Clean up your closets by storing away less-used items like old toys and out-of-season clothes. Store items that aren’t in use neatly in your basement or garage. The golden rule is to remove anything that hasn’t been in use for the last one year.

4. Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Once you’re done de-cluttering, clean every room in your house. Consider hiring a cleaning service if you can afford it.

If you can’t, start by washing your windows and leaving them open to improve indoor ventilation. Clean drapes and carpets to get rid of dust, pet smells, and any odour. Give all your appliances and shelves a thorough wipe down and vacuum all hidden areas like under the beds, underneath rags, and behind couches.

Ensure your shower cubicles and basins are looking fresh and your bathroom smells good. Polish doorknobs and wash off fingerprints on light switch plates.

Remember to also organise and clean your garage.

5. Depersonalise Your Home

When you’re in the process of selling a house, you should ensure that the space doesn’t mirror your lifestyle. Buyers want to see a place they can make their ideal home. Family photos, bold artworks, and personal items might make your property less attractive to potential buyers.

The goal is to present a blank canvas on which buyers can visualise themselves and their loved ones living in your home.

Don’t allow any sports memorabilia or holiday souvenir clutter your buyer’s vision.

6. Repair, Revamp and Restore

Homeowners often overlook small details like minor maintenance issues which may cost them a soon-to-be buyer. These issues can be real deal-breakers when pest and building inspections are carried out.

Fix faulty drawers, doors, and leaky taps as well as replace any broken light bulbs. Also, repair wall cracks and remove busy outdated wallpapers.

Don’t paint over wallpapers!

Get rid of odours by properly airing out your home. Using air fresheners to mask out the bad smell won’t work.

Go room to room fixing anything that’s broken or faulty, such as heat ducts and blocked drains. These issues are quite easy and inexpensive to fix.

7. Find Out Replacement Estimates

In case your home inspection reveals necessary repairs that you can’t afford, find out estimates for the labour. These estimations will help future cash buyers determine if they can manage to pay for the house and the repairs.

Look for guarantees, warranties, and user manuals for your dryer, dishwasher, furnace, and any other items that’ll remain in the house.

8. Update Lighting in Your Home

Many potential buyers want a home that has plenty of natural light. Fortunately, if your house is not well-endowed with natural light, there are other ways to increase the lighting.

Install extra light fixtures in areas of your home that don’t get enough natural light. Additionally, replace dim bulbs with brighter LED light bulbs. These bulbs are not only long-lasting but are also energy-efficient. Have your lights on during an inspection to let your buyers know that the wiring system work.

Some natural ways to improve lighting include pulling down all dull curtains, repainting walls with bright paint, and pruning shrubs and trees that cast shadows inside your home.

You should also add accent lighting to areas in your home that could be focal points for your buyers. For instance, place the light close to artworks to capture their attention.

Get Ready to Sell Your Home in Waltham Forest Today!

Consider using a professional to stage your home into an ideal living space for prospective buyers. Nothing revitalises a home like new furnishings and potted plants in your porch for more elegance.

Hire home stagers to evaluate the existing condition of your home and recommend ways to revamp it. They may suggest renting or buying some items and may reorganise your shelves and furniture to make the space more appealing.

You could also invest in good photography to make your home look attractive in online listings. Capture every room in the best light possible.

Contact us today to help you sell your home in Waltham Forest.